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NAMM 2017: Beatles Straps, Picks & More From D’Addario

Four polyester straps are being re-released featuring art from the White Album and variations of famous Beatles logos.

D’Addario has announced that it will be showcasing a range of new guitar accessories and extensions to its premium strings lines at NAMM 2017.

The Beatles are back at D’Addario Accessories, featuring the return of top-selling Beatles-licensed guitar straps and picks.

The strap line features vegan straps (leather strap style adjuster) with designs from Meet the Beatles, Yellow Submarine, Sgt. Pepper, and Revolver.

Additionally, there are four polyester straps being re-released that feature art from the White Album and variations of famous Beatles logos.

The pick line features two pack-out styles: a blister daisy pick pack available in all gauges and a collectable pick tin (medium gauge only). All featuring art from famous albums of the Fab Four!

The Beatles vegan straps retail for £46.50 and the polymer straps retrial for £27.90, available January 15th. The Beatles pick tins retail for £10.60 and the individual packs retail for £8.50, also available in the UK on Feburary 1st.



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